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About Us

About Us

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Over the past 29 years, VintageMond Energy Gas Limited has grown from a small family firm which is known as IRES Gas Company supplying the local market in Cochin to one of the largest independent gas manufacturer and supplier in Eastern Nigeria. We produce comprehensive range of Medical, Industrial, Chemical, Shielding, Cutting and Laser Gases from our state of the art filling plants.

Our principal range of industrial gases include Oxygen I.P, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, Industrial Oxygen, Argon, Gas Mixtures, Hydrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Rare Gases, Dissolved Acetylene and are complemented by our own range of branded gas mixtures. Since then we have taken a major share of the market due to our focus on outstanding customer value and first class service and are now the largest independent industrial gas supplier.


Meeting the demands of an urbanizing world

Securing product quality and safety

Welding and cutting at a glance

VintageMond Energy & Gas Limited revolutionizes welding experience with a breakthrough innovation

Success Strategy

Every team within an organisation, however big or small, has a role to play in its overall health and success. VintageMond Energy & Gas LTD. bases its strategy on maximization, diversification and orderly replacement of resources with innovative approach, enriched customer relationship and adhering to set of disciplines in producing and supplying wide range of gaseous products and mixtures.


 To maximize our potential, we will connect our strengths as one company to better use the full range of the competencies that make us unique in our industry. We will explore and open up new growth markets by integrating more closely with our operational excellence, market knowledge and customer relationships. 


 Our purpose, strategic principles and values provide the strong foundation we need to move forward together. This, coupled with our expertise in gas production, will ensure our future success. 

Supplying and distributing gases since 1990, integrity, respect, and transparency are our core values, and acting as good corporate citizens we operate right from the foundation of our work.

We continue to find new innovative ways to reduce cost without compromising on quality.

Corporate governance is an important part of who we are and how we conduct ourselves every day.

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  • Plot 197 Peter Odilli Road, Port Harcourt, River State